Baltimore Suburbs

Are you thinking of moving to Baltimore? You will surely be happy if you choose it as a new place for residence. Many locals will agree that it provides a good community for living, regardless of where specifically will you reside. Nonetheless, with the tons of choices for neighborhoods, it is not easy to pick where to look for Baltimore homes. The Baltimore real estate market offers multiple suburbs. In the rest of this post, you will know some of the major Baltimore suburbs, making it easier for you to reach a decision with regards to where you should live.

Ellicott City

If you are looking for Baltimore homes that are near the urban center, this is the perfect suburb for you. With a population of about 60,000, it is only 45 minutes away from Washington D.C. and just a 20-minute drive from the heart of the city.


The present-day Canton is reflective of developments in ways more than one, especially in terms of the Baltimore real estate market. Many of the old factories are now being restructured and transformed into upscale condos. This charming waterfront neighborhood is also home of the O’Donnell Street, which is famous for its shops, restaurants, and bars, making the neighborhood lively.

Little Italy

This is considered as one of the safest amongst the Baltimore suburbs, adding up to its charm. This is the perfect place to look for Baltimore homes if you want to be living in an area where you can see not only historic structures but also authentic Italian bakeries and restaurants. Be ready to be neighbors with some Italian-Americans!

Inner Harbor

If you have always wanted cosmopolitan living, Inner Harbor is the best suburb for you. This is where you should search for Baltimore homes if you want to be near top attractions in the city, such as museums and eateries. Since it is right in the waterfront, it offers a relaxing view as well.


If you are looking for Baltimore suburbs that will be perfect for young people, especially those who are in college, this is the best choice. It is where you can find the Goucher College and Towson University, which makes it perfect for college students.

Fells Point

This is another choice for Baltimore suburbs for people who are interested in history. Many of the homes in this area have a historical past. This is also a good area for those who have an active nightlife. As many people say, Fells Point comes to life once night starts.

East Harbor

If you do not mind living in a place that is touristy, this is the best choice for Baltimore homes. Aside from having a lot of tourists, this is also considered as one of the trendiest and most upscale suburbs in Baltimore. One of the best things about East Harbor is that it is pedestrian-friendly, making it easy to go out for a walk.

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